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  • RF DAS Solutions is an Engineering Services Company that provides premium DAS/IBS design solutions to meet the dynamic growing needs of the Cellular Industry.
  • Our Professionals are at the Forefront of New Technologies, Client Dedication, and uphold the Highest Professional Standards in the Practice of Telecom Engineering.
  • Previously RF DAS Solutions team has worked under the umbrella of Shenzhen GrenTech RF Comm. Ltd / Signals & Designs Pvt Ltd.
  • In Pakistan, more than 80% of DAS locations (Shopping Malls, Residential apartments, Hotels & Airports, etc.) have been planned (for active/passive DAS) & implemented by the RF DAS Solutions team.
  • RF DAS Solutions team has long-term relationships with telecom vendors (Huawei, ZTE, ALU, etc.) and mobile operators like China Mobile, China Unicom, Telenor, Ufone, Warid & Etisalat.
  • We have done 2000 + designs in iBwave which Includes Public Safety, Cellular DAS, Cel-Fi, Wi-Fi, Smalls Cell, CBRS Networks as per the USA Market Standards.


  • 24 hours of Round-the-Clock Support.
  • Helps to choose the right kind of DAS/IBS Solutions.
  • We have working experience on OEM including SOLiD, JMA, CORNING, Zinwave, SpiderCloud, Nokia, Ericsson, CommScope, ADRF, Comba Telecom, GST, Westell, Nextivity, Ruckus, RF Industries, Micro Lab, Laird Connectivity, Galtronics, Pulse Electronics.
  • The expertise of doing designed for different DAS/IBS venues like Hospitals, High Rise Buildings, Airports, Trains & Subways, Stadiums.
  • Multivendor Experience & fully trained Resources.
  • Cost-Effective Turn-key Services & Solutions.
  • We mainly focus on DAS/IBS Designs and we operate with a team of multiple engineers.
  • Extensive relationships with Municipalities for NFPA code compliance in designs.
  • Over 14 years of RF design engineering experience to leverage carrier flavor and enterprise appetite in solution buyouts for your success.
  • Customers retention and engagement based on success across all parts of the globe.
  • RF DAS Solutions doesn’t just create designs, we design the creativity for your success.
  • Every project is assembled with cross consultation around solution success, not just for completion.
  • We quantify success with business intelligence built around technical apparatus.
  • We are not successful unless you are the winner first.